With connection and conjugation are no problems, the volume is high, quality, when compared with similar devices in four-plus, but not five. Voice quality The device has a profile Bluetooth 2. Plastic bow, heavy, it does not stack, inside lay a cable that connects the cup. The call will automatically be heard on the headphone Answer a call Slide down the Retractable A short tone Microphone to answer a call when phone is ringing. Design and construction The first thing that I noticed – this assembly, it is very good, no knots, no hitch, especially since some of the design, which discussed below. About SA Stereo Headphone 1.

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Southwing SA User’s Manual | Page 2 – Free PDF Download

Sx505, you know, there are good and there we have osuthwing. When the LED indicator goes ssouthwing, the headphone is fully southwing sa505.

Cancel an outgoing call Press and hold the Play A short tone button 1 second during dialing for cancel an outgoing call. The fact that southwing sa505 user should be sure to read. Newer Post Older Post Home. In principle, for a few days of music and phone calls to the device you need is enough.

Management Buttons southwing sa505 a large number, what is there southwing sa505. The call is transmitted to the headset, the range of work is about six meters.

To reduce the risk southwing sa505 fire or burns, do not disassemble, crush, puncture, short external contacts, or dispose of in fire or water If you hear warning tone regularly every 10 secondsit stands for BT in the low battery mode.

Put the headphone into pairing southwing sa505 Press and hold the Soutgwing button about 5 seconds until the LED indicator flash blue and red alternately — 2 short tones will be heard.

Operating time Claimed battery life – ten hours of music playback and four hours of standby time; indicators mean, if not small, the same Nokia Southwing sa505 is working longer.

Offers in the chain stores are as follows: The LED Indicator Mean LED Indicator State Mapping Southwing sa505 blue light Flashing every 10 seconds — Power on Flashing 2 times every 10 seconds — Connected to mobile Flashing every 3 seconds — Connected mobile in using Flashing every 6 southwin — Connected to stereo audio device Flashing red light Regularly consecutive flashing 2 times every 6 seconds — Mute Regularly as505 flashing 3 times every 10 seconds — Low battery warning Flashing blue and red light alternately Flashing every 0.

The soouthwing light next to flip a rather bright, noticeable, I’m always going to be a mountain of indicators that are s5a05 from prying da505, but here everything is unchanged.

This southwing sa505 contains a lithium southwing sa505 rechargeable battery. End a call Slide up the Retractable A short tone Microphone to end an active call. After connected, please remember to slide up southwing sa505 Retractable Microphone. Voice quality The device has southwing sa505 profile Bluetooth 2. Way of wearing, comfort You’ve probably already noticed that the device is similar to something on the Nokia BH, southwing sa505 it is difficult to say who’s on someone like, in the sense that they both could be created on the basis of an unknown southwing sa505.

Third – I would not place the name of the company in two cups at once so bold, it was better to do without these decorations, especially given the clarity of our customers. Reconnect Slide down the Retractable A short tone Microphone southwing sa505 reconnect again with paired mobile phone.

On the left – a scattering of all buttons and knopulechek.

When the LED indicator turns to solid orange, headphone is charging. A short tone Reconnect Tap the Play button once to reconnect stereo service with paired southwing sa505 source.

Weight of the device is small, about seventy grams, on the ears, it is not strongly felt. Musical ability Music heard in tandem with Nokia N81, a laptop. southwing sa505

Southwing SA505 Headphones User Manual

Conclusions In my opinion, a good headset. Well, for one thousand eight hundred, too, in southwing sa505, especially if you intend to use it with a laptop in the office.

Nomination flip is not responsible for the acceptance of a call, you press the designated key. On the right cup is movable power button, it is convenient.

Although, there are no little southwing sa505. With connection southwing sa505 conjugation are no problems, the volume is high, quality, when compared with similar devices in four-plus, but not five.

Try to charge the headphone as below: Standby time up to hours. As a result, warn about eight hours thirty five minutes.