Please be assured that any third party who contacts you in this capacity has executed a confidentiality agreement with us that contains a provision ensuring the privacy and security of any transferred information and limits the third party’s use of the shared information to sending updates or providing services on our behalf. If any changes are made to the electronically signed documents, it invalidates the signature. We strive to have our subsidiaries adopt privacy policies with similar protections and commitments. Certificate owners should save their private key in a secure manner. This type of cookie is not temporary, although you can always delete or disable it through your browser preferences.

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A certifying authority issues the certificates to applicants after a thorough verification process. Our security procedures are also subject to an annual Safescrypt digital signature Type II audit or an equivalent by an internationally-recognized accounting firm. Once the certificate is invalid, it is removed from the revocation list.

Digital Signature Certificates – Class 3 SafeScrypt SIFY

SafeScrypt is not responsible for the privacy practices, privacy statements, or content regarding these other sites. We at SafeScrypt are acutely aware safescrypt digital signature and sensitive to the privacy concerns of our subscribers safescrypt digital signature other visitors to our Web site.

Confused over the selection? Generally this information is limited to E-mail address and name, but certain classes of Digital Ids contain additional information. Please note that our site contains links to other sites.

Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary and the user therefore has a choice whether or not to disclose this information. The CPS is intended to legally bind and to provide notice to safescrypt digital signature parties that create and use certificates within the context of SafeScrypt’s Public Certification Services. If we are required by law to disclose certain information to local, national or international government or law enforcement authorities, we will safescrypt digital signature so for example, we may disclose the identity of purchasers of certain software products to the U.

Please be assured that we have security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of any information we receive from you. Certificate owners should save their private key in a secure manner. If you are not sure about which digital signature certificate to buy please use our selection wizard. safescrypt digital signature

SafeScrypt: Digital Signature Certificates for MCA 21

SIFY class 2 digital signature certificates come with a validity of one or two years. You may, however, revoke deactivate your Digital ID. Enrollment – If you choose to enroll for one of our products or services, we will request certain information from you.

Furthermore, if a subscriber sender then digitally signed a message with his or her private key, safescrypt digital signature third party would not be safescrypt digital signature to properly verify the sender’s signature created using the sender’s private key because the sender’s Digital ID would have been altered after the key pair’s creation.

Digital Signature Certificates – Class 2 SafeScrypt SIFY

The buyers could be safescrypt digital signature anywhere in the world. Our uses of “cookies” are limited to the following specific situations. Many users prefer digitl use cookies in order to help them navigate a Web site as seamlessly as possible.

Disclaimer Privacy Policy About Us. Because we respect your right to privacy, we have developed this Safescryot Statement to inform you about safescrypt digital signature privacy practices for the entire SafeScrypt site. You should also dgiital assured that we do safescrypt digital signature provide or sell information about our customers or site visitors to vendors that are not involved in the provision of SafeScrypt’s public certification and other services.

Your Digital ID will be published in our repository so that a third party may access, review, and rely upon your Digital ID.

Crypto Toolkit | SafeScrypt CA | India’s First Licensed Certifying Authority

We may also provide the information you have submitted to us to a SafeScrypt subsidiary, business partner, or representative either signatude or safescrypt digital signature India so that the subsidiary, business safescrypt digital signature or representative or can contact you and facilitate the support, renewal, and purchase of SafeScrypt products and services.

A Safescrypt digital signature certificate is your best choice for efiling, etendering and any other application which requires a secure digital credential.

The exact information that appears in our different types of Digital IDs is set forth in the relevant safescrypt digital signature page, our CPS, and this Privacy Statement. We do not collect any personal information from a visitor to our site unless that visitor explicitly and intentionally provides it.

If we were to subsequently modify or remove any information listed in a Digital ID, our digital signature would not verify the Digital ID’s new content. Please specify “Privacy Statement” in the subject line of your E-mail Overview Privacy is of great concern to most users of the Internet, safescrypt digital signature is a critical part of an enjoyable and satisfactory user experience. If a cookie is used, our Web site will be able to “remember” information about you and your preferences either until you exit your current browser window if the cookie is temporary or until you disable or delete the cookie.

These statistics are used to help us improve the performance of our Web site. If you purchase one of safescrypt digital signature Digital IDs, we may forward some or all of the information in your application to third party providers so that they can provide you with the service or product and follow up with you directly safescrypt digital signature their service or product or an upgrade.

Confused over the selection?