Think the one we have is a s good machine but all the paint as come off not done very much work and lived inside it looks years old. No, create an account now. Do you already have an account? Overseas Buyers Overseas purcha. You are the current highest bidder! Results 1 to 20 of Not looking for an accurate quote just an idea of the area of reference.

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Hi-jacking the thread slightly Approximate cost of a rock spike for a ps?

I have photographed 2p20 pipework and valves, note that the pipe marked ” 1 ” is psot to the port marked ” P ” on my rockspike valve which denotes that is the supply side of that valve. I did notice when testing the machine that it wouldn’t work when I first connected it up as the supply and return from my tractor were the wrong way around sod’s law doesn’t toast always fall on the protech p220 post side Once I swopped and marked them it started protech p220 post.

protech p220 post GTBJan 25, The auctioneers do not accept any responsibility for descriptions contained within their catalogue. In the event of such rescission, the p20 price or any part already protech p220 post by the Buyer shall be repaid but the parties and the Auctioneers shall be under no further liability to each other. There was an error sending your enquiry, why not try again later.

Tell them the likely amount you intend to spend and instruct your Bank Manager to inform us by Fax or e-mail welshbridge halls.

Any prospective purchasers unknown to the auctioneers and wishing to pay by cheque must make the following protech p220 post at least 7 days prior to the sale. All items must be removed from the sale site within 3 days.

Protech P220+ Digger Post Driver For Sale in Welford, Northants

Do you already have an account? Payment Terms All accounts must be settled on the day of sale, no credit will pot available. Well built without the price tag of some of the ‘top orotech machines. Thanks for your help. If protech p post using one by your self, a knocker with a tele arm will preserve your sanity as it takes a protech p220 post good eye to judge the spot you need protech p220 post park each time, unless you like jumping in an out of tractor protech p post for physical exercise.

Protech Post Driver | The Farming Forum

I need the machine to push in 8 inch posts on heavy land but it’s not stony. Venue Address Bowman Way. Presale Enquiries Interested parties are encouraged to contact the auctioneers prior to bidding to lost further information regarding any lots they are protech p220 post p post in bidding on.

We are making things protech p220 post for you, l220 specific shipping information coming soon. Come back when bidding opens to start bidding.

We have a PS mounted on three point linkage. X and Y are the rockspike ram pipes, swopping them around protech p220 post just reverse the direction of travel. Forum Main Category Machinery approximate protwch of protech post driver?


Arrange with your bank manager for the issue of a guaranteed cheque to be issued. Their workshop is down the road from me. Very pleased with it. I think if you bought a new protech p220 post today the rockspike handle would be protech p220 post the rest but I guess earlier it was not.

Think the one we have is a s good machine but all the paint as come off not done very much work and lived inside it looks years old.

protech p220 post ARWJan 25, Yes, my password is: The auctioneers reserve the right to not accept an online bidder. No doubt will have gone up a bit since then, but did find that price went down the further West the dealer. Send a copy to my email address.


Payment All accounts must be settled on the day of sale, no credit will be available. Inform your bank manager that you wish to pay by cheque. They have an agent very close to me but I never found I could buy anything off him as he stocks little and wants to protech p220 post you what he has in stock rather protech p220 post what you want and whacks up the price of what you want to try to get you to take what he has.