Brooks Duncan – August 22, Reply. Leave a Reply 64 comments. Additionally, I felt more confident loading the ScanSnap with 30 sheets and walking away, confident that it would do its job without requiring my interference. I completely disagree with Mac User in VA. The SM is much faster than the NeatDesk at 20 pages per minute, and has a document feeder that can handle 50 documents at once — a significantly higher capacity than the NeatDesk. Tullio – May 14, Reply.

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You can even fujitsk up a profile for those programs. Simply installing the included software and checking for updates was all that was necessary to get the fujitsu s1500m up and running. Brooks Duncan – May 5, Reply.

I also outline it in my post where I list out all my ScanSnap settings: It does a pretty good job with handwriting. You should be s1500k that way! Tullio – May fujitsu s1500m, Reply.

Media Relations Press Releases. Brooks Duncan – May 22, Reply. Tullio – May 27, Reply.

Manual Downloads: ScanSnap S1500M

I want fujitsu s1500m use same unit to scan to my Snow Lepord Mac. The real issue is that it worked fujitsu s1500m before the last couple of updates and we told users not to update their programs because of this. De-installing, using Fujitsu clean-up tool and reinstalling does not correct that issue. Fujitsu s1500m there, I hope to get an answer here as I’m finding contradictory information in the Net. As far as I understand it, the only difference is that the Windows scanner will not get You the Adobe Acrobat software.

The SM fujitsu s1500m much faster than the NeatDesk at 20 pages per minute, and has a fujitsu s1500m feeder that can handle 50 documents at once — a significantly higher capacity than the NeatDesk. Frank Noonan – August 30, Reply. Anyone know if the SM can fujitsu s1500m something thick like a plastic drivers license? The ScanSnap SM makes both of these main functions a snap, and even a pleasure to perform. As a guideline, clean the inside of the ScanSnap every 1, scans.

No more Windows to Mac or vice versa workarounds! This may cause the ScanSnap to fail, malfunction or scanning errors. All macs already come fujitsu s1500m with a PDF viewer and editor.

We use a email client that in not POP or iMap friendly. The s100m Mac fujitsu s1500m is supposed to nowadays be on the same dvd that the Windows software fujitsu s1500m on.

Jay G – March 24, Reply. If I scan several pages I end up with one document.

I value your privacy and your information is never shared fujitsu s1500m anyone. To do OCR you’d need tonprovide your own software or, of course, get a Fujktsu. I have had problems with crooked feeds of full-page-sized laminated documents, however.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S & SM Are Now Cross-Platform

You can’t preview a document in Windows fujitsu s1500m you can on a Mac. Further, using the SM to its full potential requires spending a significant amount of time learning how the included software works.

Max M – August 26, Reply. Fujitsu s1500m got a PC set up and working like a champ! Do not use fujitsu s1500m sprays near the scanner.

It is imperative that ScanSnap users comply with all applicable local rules and laws, including, without limitation, copyright laws when using this scanner.